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Promoting Victims' Rights in Georgia Through "Rhonda's Law"

Families of victims of violent crimes deserve answers. They deserve to know what happened to their loved ones, and they deserve to know that law enforcement has done everything that it can to solve the crime and bring the perpetrators to justice.


To hear Rhonda's story, listen to the Fox Hunter podcast. Visit and search for "Rhonda Coleman", or click the green "Sign the Petition" button.


What is "Rhonda's Law"

The family is asking for the public to join them in asking the Georgia General Assembly to amend Georgia's law and provide for the following:

1. An independent review board composed of law enforcement agents be empaneled to review homicide investigation case files that have remained unsolved for a period of more than 5 years to ensure that the GBI and/or Law Enforcement have taken any and all measures available to solve said case and to ensure that all evidence has been processed for forensic evidence. To also ensure that no GBI or Law Enforcement official has violated their oath of office by failing to follow up on leads or process relevant evidence.

2. When a homicide case remains unsolved for a period of 20 year or more, the immediate family of the victim shall have the right to review the entire case file with no redactions to learn about the death of their loved one. There shall also be an agent or investigator present during the review who is familiar with the case to answer any questions that the family may have about their loved one's case.

3. That Georgia law provide that a District Attorney shall be granted unfettered access to any and all active homicide investigation case files to ensure that no lesser and included charge becomes time barred due to a statute of limitation and to ensure that the GBI and local law enforcement are not impeding an investigation by their failure to follow up on any and all leads in a case or process relevant evidence.

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